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Trial Feedback
2010-05-12 13:18:30
The medical supplies company have provided feedback for their trial with ReDeTrack. They trialed the system in Bournemouth for deliveries. Positive feedback was recieved and they were very pleased with the results.
Planning ReDeTrack Trial
Avondale bid for Sir Robert McAlpine project
Avondale confirm Order for Waste Management System
ReDeTrack selected for Fittleworth trial
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The buttons in the centre of the page offer a quick tour of some of the parts of The Complete Courier Solution.

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Orders can be entered into the Complete Courier system through any of the following three methods.

Batch Upload - Orders can automatically uploaded from either your own in house ordering system or your customers systems.

Order Entry Screen - Your staff can be given access to an order entry screen that will allow them to create and retrieve order information. Labels can be automatically generated here.

Website Plugin - We provide a plugin to add to your website to allow your customers to place orders and generate packing labels.

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The Embedded invoicing system can automatically generate both purchase orders and invoices, either silently on the delivery of a package or by requests from your staff.

If you prefer to use an external invoicing system or accounting package then the ReDeTrack system can create CSV or XML files that can be easily imported into most accounting packages.

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Once your orders have been raised, the Routing tool allows you to automaticaly generate routes and then if needed manipulate them.

It is possable to base your automaticly generated routes on a pre-defined template.

Once stored these routes will be automatically sent to the relevant driver.

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Control Centre

The live job console shows you up to the minute information about all routes radiating from a depot.

The colouring of pickups and drops instantly tell you how close a delivery or pickup is to being late. Items that are missed out from a pickup or a drop are also highlighted alowing you to instantly communicate to your driver that he has missed an item.

Pickups and Drops can even be switched to alternate routes on the fly from this console.

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Proof Of Delivery

Proof Of Delivery information is instantly sent to the server and is accessable immediately to both yourself and your trusted customers.

You can easly see who signed for the pickup or delivery when and even where, making disputes as to whether an item was or wasnt delivered a thing of the past.

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Messages can be freely sent between back office staff, or between back office staff and drivers, allowing your staff to be constantly in contact with each other without any extra cost to your business.

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Live Tracking

At a glance you can see where not only a driver is, but also the physical location of any parcel on Complete Couriers interactive map, constantly being updated in real time.

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